Through a seamless weave of technology, design, and strategy we help organizations successfully engage audiences in new and meaningful ways. is a strategic design consultancy — we facilitate innovation processes, develop and create profitable new offerings that deliver desirable experiences in today’s increasingly digitally mediated reality.

Exemplary cases

Danish Broadcast corporation

Digital music experience strategy

Global technology company

Product experience and design strategy

Global luxury group

New retail experience innovation strategy

Tate Britain

Connected experiences programming

Companies and media institutions today are under increasing pressure to become “digital”. But what does digital really mean?

Today, institutions need a crystal clear and shared understanding of exactly what digital means for them, the precise experiences they want to convey and how they relate to their brand and core business.

At we help institutions and companies gain from making experience design strategy a core priority— but this requires openness to reexamining the entire business and reorganizing to go after new opportunities to create value.

More than anything, it requires being attuned to how audiences experience the digital world in the broadest sense. How human behavior and digital expectations change is the knowledge that can drive new markets.

Our offerings

Experience strategy

We help clients identity where emerging opportunities lie, discover how to deliver more value, and formulate experience platforms with strategic and commercial impact

Experience design

As external design partners, or in collaboration with internal R&D and UX, we direct human-centric design processes from insight to ideation, prototyping and implementation

Digital Innovation Capacity

Building on best practices from technology-first industries, we help companies to create a design-centric and agile culture across silos and organizational orthodoxies

Digital Intelligence

As intelligence partners, we provide foundational insights on nascent platforms, technologies and trends, with frameworks for how to create meaningful use cases around them